Research and Resources for Homœopaths




The following articles contain useful information on homoeopathy and particularly on the conduct and collation of provings.

Proving procedures and guidelines for provers and supervisors  


The protocols used for provings at The School of Homœopathy

By Misha Norland

Instructions to Provers and Supervisors



From: The Dynamics and Methodology of Homoeopathic Provings

By Jeremy Sherr

Published by Dynamis Books

Collating a Proving  


An article on the processing of the information that comes out of a proving.

By Peter Fraser

Group and Proving Phenomena


An Article published in Issue 72 of The Homoeopath, Winter 1999

Observations by Misha Norland

The Proving of Homœopathic Remedies


by Peter Fraser

This article first appeared in
Positive Health Magazine
in June 1998



by Peter Fraser

This article was originally written for publication in the Homeopath, the Journal of the Society of Homeopaths. Although it was accepted for publication by the Editor he was subsequently ordered not to publish it by the board.