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Clupea harengus

The Homœopathic Proving of

The Atlantic Herring




Time and dates


Classification of symptoms


The Herring is a fish found through most of the North Atlantic. It has been a major food source in Europe and North America for many centuries. It is the most numerous of all the fish in the ocean. It is an obligate schooler, which means it can only survive as part of a large school. These schools are very large and can be enormous. There are records of schools being 4 cubic kilometres in size and containing several billion individuals. The schools move at considerable speed, up to 4 km/hour. They feed by capturing plankton in their gill rakers as they swim through the water with their mouth open. They form a major part of the diet of many ocean fish and cetaceans.

The proving was conducted with the third year students at The School of Homœopathy. It was the last proving at Yondercott in Devon before the School moved.

The remedy is a basic one and the proving was straightforward. The picture is clear and reasonably easy to perceive.

One of the most surprising things about the proving was a lack of group issues. Modern provings, animal remedies and provings conducted by an established group all tend to have important symptoms about being part of the group or being rejected by the group. The Herring however, as an obligate schooler has no choice in the matter. They are part of the school and there is no possibility of anything else. This is perhaps why the group is never mentioned as an issue in the proving.

The remedy has distortions of space, particularly feeling taller, and especially distortions of time, time tends to stretch into whatever is needed. This is part of the main issue for the remedy of being able to go with the flow of time and circumstance and everything will work out. This results in a feeling of calmness and contentment. There was also feelings of being lucky and happy with concomitant gratitude and benevolence. These feeling become more pathological in a feeling of lethargy and can't be bothered. Physically there is great heaviness, exhaustion and sleepiness. Provers just wanted to curl up and go to sleep. They felt they couldn't move. There was a polarity of being energised and able to do many things at the same time.

There was also considerable confusion. This could be of space and time and of identity and personal boundaries but was most often expressed as confusion in communication. They were unable to connect brain and mouth to speak effectively but could also not follow conversations and were easily distracted.

Provers got colds that affected the nose, the ears and the eyes with, often severe, headaches and an irritating cough. These were the symptoms of a cold rather than a flu.

There were many symptoms of the limbs including heaviness, numbness and pain, which was sometimes severe and prevented walking.

The dreams have not been themed as they did not produce any strong themes or powerful imagery. There were some echoes of the physical symptoms such as the vulnerability, the swelling or the importance of the breasts.


A piece of fresh Danish Herring was obtained by John Morgan of Helios Homœopathic Pharmacy and the remedy was prepared from this.

A piece of fish was tinctured in alcohol and then diluted and succussed to higher potencies.

The Herring used to make the remedy
The preparation of the Tincture

The remedy is available from Helios Homoeopathic Pharmacy.

Time and dates

Times given are the actual time of day, not time from taking the remedy. XX.XX indicates no specific time was noted.

Days are numbered from 1, the day the remedy was taken. Day 0 indicates a symptom that was general and not tied to a particular date.


Prover Sex Dose Potency
01P Female 1 30c
02P Female 1 30c
03P Female 1 30c
04P Female 1 30c
05P Female 1 30c
06P Female 1 30c
07P Female 1 30c
08P Female 1 30c
09P Female 1 30c
10P Female 1 30c
11P Female 1 30c
12P Female 1 30c
13P Male 1 30c
14P Male 1 30c

Information from provers who did not take the remedy are included and clearly indicated. The reasons for this are outlined in Group and Proving Phenomena, Observations by Misha Norland, An Article published in Issue 72 of The Homoeopath, Winter 1999. The reader should make up his or her own mind as to how to treat these symptoms.

Classification of symptoms

NS A new symptom never before experienced.

OS An old symptom previously experienced, but not in the preceding year.

RS A recent symptom experienced within the last year.

AS An altered symptom, one previously experienced but with at least one quality changed.

CS A cured symptom, a symptom that was removed during the proving.

IOS An old symptom that is felt with significantly greater intensity than before.


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