A Supplement to Clarke's Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica

by Peter David Fraser





Produced from the seeds of Theobroma cacao

Chocolate, cocoa

Originally from Mexico now produced in tropical regions of South America, Africa and Asia.

Trituration of best quality Belgian dark chocolate to 3c and then succussion to higher potencies.

Kingdom: Plantae

Phylum: Magnoliophyta

Class: Magnoliopsida

Subclass: Dilleniidae

Order: Malvales

Family: Sterculiaceae


Appetite, disorders of.

Breasts, Affections of.

Buzzing in the ears.

Climacteric sufferings



Heartburn and nausea

Menstrual disorders


Polycystic ovaries

Senses too acute


The remedy was proved by Jeremy Sherr at the Dynamis School of Advanced Homœopathic Studies in 1989. Sherr was motivated to prove it by the impressive number of patients who were seriously addicted to it, by the fact hat it appeared to be as much an emotional as a physical addiction, and by the correspondence to the endocrine system. He decided to prove the processed product rather than the original bean as this was the substance that was craved by so many people. The proving was conducted concurrently with that of Hydrogen. The proving was conducted with 12 provers, 8 female and 4 male. Potencies of 6c, 12c, 30c, 100c and 200c were randomly given. Prover #1 gave an exceptionally detailed and dramatic account of her experience which was reported separately. Although this prover's experience does give great insight into the remedy; time has shown that it is only in the context of the whole proving that it is really useful.

Of all the foodstuffs mentioned by patients as causing cravings, or as they often describe it addiction, chocolate is by far the most common, especially among female patients. This desire is often linked to the menstrual cycle and to issues of nurturing and mothering. It is not therefore surprising that since its extensive proving by Jeremy Sherr it has joined remedies like Sepia and Lachesis as among the most important remedies when there is a imbalance in the sex hormones.

Chocolate is produced from the seeds of the tree Theobroma cacao. Theobroma means food of the gods and originates from various Mexican legends that it was given as a gift to mankind to nourish and to provide rest and pleasure. Cortes brought Cocoa to Europe from his Mexican expedition in the early 16th century and its use became widespread throughout Europe. It was pressed into a powder and consumed as a drink much like tea and coffee. In the early 19th century the cocoa butter produced when making the powder was mixed with some of the powder and sugar to make eating chocolate. Cocoa is now grown in plantations especially in tropical West Africa and South America.

The tree has a single trunk which ends in a fan of five diagonal branches. A vertical sucker grows from just below the fan and ends in a similar crown of five branches. Unusually the flowers and the seed pods they produce grow near the trunk rather than at the end of branches as in most trees. The seeds need to be cured in warmth to created the enzymes that when the beans are roasted will produce the distinctive chocolate flavour.

Cocoa butter has a melting point just below body temperature which is why it has been used extensively in cosmetics and medical preparations.

Eating chocolate has many different effects upon the body it tastes and smells delicious, but it also has a sensual, tactile effect in the mouth: melting and cloying at the same time. It is a stimulant like tea and coffee but also seems to have a narcotic effect with floating, flying symptoms. It has long been associated with love and romance and has constituents that resemble brain chemicals that increase when in love.

Animals that have eaten or been fed chocolate tend to show great excitement and hyperactivity and sometimes convulsions. Fatal poisonings usually end in heart failure. The description of cattle poisoned with waste chocolate corresponds somewhat to the symptoms of BSE and it could be a remedy for this both in cattle and in its human variant.

The remedy was proved by Jeremy Sherr at the Dynamis School of Advanced Homœopathic Studies in 1989. Sherr was motivated to prove it by the impressive number of patients who were seriously addicted to it, by the fact hat it appeared to be as much an emotional as a physical addiction, and by the correspondence to the endocrine system. He decided to prove the processed product rather than the original bean as this was the substance that was craved by so many people. The proving was conducted concurrently with that of Hydrogen. The proving was conducted with 12 provers, 8 female and 4 male. Potencies of 6c, 12c, 30c, 100c and 200c were randomly given. Prover #1 gave an exceptionally detailed and dramatic account of her experience which was reported separately. Although this prover's experience does give great insight into the remedy; time has shown that it is only in the context of the whole proving that it is really useful.

The remedy that Chocolatum most closely resembles is Sepia and it is in differentiating it from Sepia that it will most often be indicated. Like Sepia it has great irritability and aversion to loved ones, especially husband and children, and a desire to flee from them and abandon them. There is also a contradictory over protectiveness. A need to keep them in sight at all times, taking care of them all the time and trying to control their lives, and an inability to give them their freedom. This can be an ongoing contradiction or it can be a sudden change from being too protective to having nothing to do with them. One patient expressed this as caring absolutely for her children now but also training them so that they would be completely independent when they reached 16. There can be a complete disinterest in children, though some of the feelings in the remedy that are generally directed at children might be played out vicariiously with partners or through work. "I am all booked up with projects, They are like children I can't face in the morning."

Generally there is a great irritability and anger at husband, children, friends and at the whole world. This can become violent with a desire to hit out: "Rage at husband wanted to beat some sensibility into him without actually wanting to kill him." There can be a tendency to be cruel, sarcastic or mocking and there may be a tendency to swear.

While the Sepia state is one of exhaustion and stagnation (Psoric Miasm) the superficially similar Chocolatum state comes out of difficulty in connecting with people and with the world and so a feeling of isolation and vulnerability (AIDS Miasm and Drug Remedies). There is a strong desire to be alone and particularly to hide from the world. This comes out of a feeling of not belonging to the crowd, or to society. There are many fears and anxieties: about being watched or observed, about health, about religion and about being attacked or being hurt by the environment. There is a feeling of vulnerability and oversensitivity to criticism and rejection and a tendency to hide in case things go wrong. This is also expressed as a desire to snuggle up, to hibernate, to hide under the duvet where it is warm and safe.

On the other hand there is a desire to be outside, though this may be to do more with restriction than just with fresh air. There are certainly issues around freedom and restriction. Provers wanted to be in the country and found the city too restrictive. They wanted to have a view, to be able to see the horizon. There are similarities to the Bird Remedies in this desire for freedom. "On looking at a bird in a cage, I felt it should be out." There are the delusions and dreams about flying and floating and the desire to fly that are found in Bird and Drug Remedies.

The remedy is associated with nurture or the lack of it, particularly in infancy. The breasts are a seat of symptomology. Provers had pains, sensations, sensitivities and fullness in the breasts. There was a desire to rub them and the feeling that they were filling with milk on hearing talk of babies. Problems with or a lack of breast feeding in infancy and more generally a lack of nurturing in childhood are may be important to the patient. Food cravings and issues around eating and weight are important. The most common craving is a desire for chocolate and some patients eat substantial amounts of chocolate. There can be a strong aversion to chocolate or an aggravation from eating it. Issues with food might not be expressed around chocolate but could be about any particular food or food and eating in general.

Some of the provers showed a confidence in their opinions and an inclination to express clearly what they thought and believed, whatever the consequences. There is a desire to tell the truth and a corresponding need for others to tell the truth. Several cases have confirmed the importance of truth in the remedy. It is often that they have been lied to and deceived. The shock of finding out the truth and learning that they have been deceived can be the aetiology of symptoms. It can also be about the need to be truthful. An actress who had major issues about the truthfulness of her performances had her hormonal problems cured by the remedy.

Chocolate shows both extremes of the drug remedies with the restlessness and sensitivity of the stimulants and with the isolation, floating and dullness of the narcotics. All the senses are extremely acute, colours are stronger, hearing is sharper and smells are more powerful. There is restlessness, a desire for activity and an inability to keep still. There can be a physical restlessness with twitching and movement and, like Sepia, they can be better for activity and dancing. In Sepia activity ameliorates because it counteracts the torpor and stagnation but in Chocolate it meets the restlessness and stimulated state. Mentally they are easily distracted. There is a state of excitement and sensitivity that undoubtedly contributes to the irritability. On the other hand there can be a dull and inactive state with a desire to sit and stare and considerable confusion and inability to concentrate. Thinking can be slow and muddled and forgetfulness and mistakes, particularly in writing can be common.

One of the characteristic peculiarities of the remedy is around hair. In the proving there was a strong desire for short bristly hair. This was expressed in a desire to cut the hair short and bristly and to touch the hair and beards of others, particularly if it was short and bristly. This was even transferred to other objects such as carpets, with a similar bristly character. It is also part of the association with the hedgehog that ran through the proving. Although by no means all Chocolate cases have short hair or all short haired patients need Chocolate, it is certainly a remedy that I consider when a patient presents with unusually short and bristly hair. Physical sensations can also be prickly and sticking in nature.

The remedy has an affinity to the circulation and the endocrine system and particularly to the sexual hormones. The menstrual cycle is often affected, menses are heavier and longer, or symptoms are tied to the cycle and aggravated at menses. Symptoms are worse for sex and there can be an increased desire for sex, or more usually an aversion or complete indifference to sexual activity.

The sensory organs are all strongly affected and the eyes, ears and nose are all acutely sensitive but can also be congested and blocked.

Congestive symptoms are general and the head feels full, muzzy, heavy and congested. There are constrictive headaches and headaches and migraines accompanied by nausea, vomiting and digestive symptoms and tied to the menstrual cycle.

The entire digestive tract can be affected. There is nausea, heartburn and eructations. Flatulence and distension in the abdomen and cramping pains during menses. Constipation and diarrhoea are both there, even soft stool is difficult to pass. Stool is offensive, acidic and excoriating.

Heaviness is also a general of the remedy and can be felt in the head, back, limbs and chest. There is a painful and spasmodic cough and sharp pains in the chest associated with respiration.

The heart is strongly affected by Chocolate and there is an awareness of the heart, either because it is beating too fast, too slowly or irregularly.

Chocolate is definitely a chilly remedy. It is worse for cold and finds it difficult to get warm. In spite of this it is often better for being outside and for exercise and can be worse for heat, though can also be better for warmth.. It has flushes of heat and is an obvious remedy for menopausal problems.

It is generally dry with thirst, often for small drinks. Thirst for warm drinks but, like warmth generally, they can aggravate. The dryness can also be found inface and lips, the skin, which feels leathery, and the hair, which is unhealthy and brittle.

Pains are generally sharp. The sensation of a string pulling is found in several different locations.

There is a strong evening aggravation.

Symptoms can alternate in some way. There is a periodicity of alternating days and an alternation of states of high and low energy.

Pains and symptoms come and go suddenly as does sleep. But although there is great tiredness there is also great restlessness that makes sleep difficult.

Peculiar sensations

Buzzing all over head. As if looking through a cloud.

Head feels pointed.

Sensation that back of head is elongated.

Sensation of forehead protruding like a shelf.

Right side of head feels enlarged.

Head feels as if floating.

Sensation as if something loose in the head.

Sensation as if uvula connected to sinuses by a string.

Constriction around head as if from a pudding basin.
Pain as if from a band around the head.

Sensation as if a rod is pushing the head apart from the inside.

As if a cold spot went through my head.

Sensation as if head full of wind.

Sensation that eyes are wide open and the lids pulled up.

Sensation of a straw stuck up the back of the nose.

Peppery sensation in the nose or in throat.

Nose feels smaller, or nose feels longer.

Hollow feeling in mouth.

Desire to eat black beetles, slugs and grasshoppers.

Feeling of cold and dampness in the lungs.

Pulsing sensation as if fine threads were being drawn through breast,

Sensation as if heart pushing against back.

Feeling as if heart were beating more towards the back and sides, as if it went round to the back.

Sensation of heart bulging through ribs when lying on left side.

Feeling of a powerful explosion inside chest, taking breath away, as if diaphragm went into a spasm.

Prickly feeling on back of neck.

Tingling up spine.

The muscles around cervical vertebrae feel as if they are tightly laced with sensation as if back of the head is horribly elongated.

Sensation that back is wider than I know it to be.

Tingling as if the cells of my body were shifting.


< Left side

< Cold

< Cold wind but desires open air

< Cold > Warmth

< Motion (headache)

> Eating (heaviness in head) (heartburn)

< Night > Day

< Afternoon and evening (thirst, heartburn, nausea, bloating)

Evenings (sexual desire increased)

> New Moon

< Lying down (cough)



Drug remedies. Floating feeling, addiction, Opiates. Restlessness, hyperactivity, Amphetamines, Thea, Coffea. Irritability, aversion to husband, to children, Sepia, Lycopodium. Desire for activity, Sepia. Hormonal problems, Sepia, Lachesis, Pulsatilla. Fears and anxieties, fear that her condition will be observed, Calcarea. Tells the plain truth, Bovista.

Follows well


Menopause. Termination of pregnancy. After deception.


Stool & Anus
Neck & Back
Upper Limbs
Lower Limbs


Irritable and wanted to be alone. Desire to be alone. Feel rejected and oversensitive, hiding away from the world. Aversion to company. Estranged himself from family and friends and stopped all communication with them. Unsociable. Feels she does not belong in a crowd. Felt a desire to be alone and more able to live alone.

Changeable moods. Moving between emotional highs and lows. Extremes of emotion.

Easier and more comfortable in company. More able to communicate and at a deeper level. Overwhelming desire to curl up under the duvet and keep warm. Desire to hibernate. Felt need to be covered up. Just wanted to sit and stare at the wall. Sat and stared at the fire and could not summon will to move. Feel tired and clumsy. Calm and relaxed. More affectionate and quiet in the evening.

Desire to be outside. Felt restricted, wanted to be able to roam freely without any possessions. On looking at a bird in a cage, felt it should be out. Talked about flying, would like to be a bird or a bat or in a plane. Angry about being in the city, want to see far distances and sky, not houses. Desire to see far, to a distant horizon.

More confident and less inclined to give in and be manipulated. More confident and with more direction. Less inhibited. Expressing herself in more outspoken manner. Desire to tell the truth. Wanted to tell people what I really thought of them. Ready to speak her mind, without caring if people cease to like me.

Anxiety, with a desire to hide in case things go wrong. Anxiety on waking. Too much to do. Anxious and self conscious while walking, as if being watched or observed. Too anxious to go out in case her condition was observed and she was carted off to an institution. Anxiety about her symptoms. What's in this for me. Religious feeling. Anxiety while walking that a building might blow over in the wind and fall on her. (Arg nit, Sabad.) Fear of dogs.

Selfish, impatient and intolerant. Snapping and resentful. Sarcastic and mocking. Humourless and intolerant, almost cruel. Angry at life. Irritable before menses.

Restless, uneasy and irritable. Excited and jumpy. Restless in bed, difficulty sleeping. Restless, wanting to move legs. Music sounds too slow. Enjoyed dancing. Difficulty in concentrating, easily distracted.

Thinking slow and muddled. Fuzzy thinking. Forgetful and absent minded. Making silly mistakes. Nervous and stuttering. Making mistakes in writing.

Emotionally numb and separated from things. Less affected by external impressions.

Lost interest in husband, total indifference. Feel less affected and involved with the children. Rage at husband, wanted to beat some sensibility into him without actually wanting to kill him. Desire to bite husband in playful way, wanted to really sink my teeth in.

Irritable with her children, unsympathetic to them. Wanted to leave and walk out the door on them. Couldn't cuddle them. Uncomfortable with her daughter nearby. Left children in house alone for the first time, surprised how easily I let them go. Feels her older children are ready to go but must feed the younger ones. When hearing talk of babies, breasts aching as if filling up with milk.

Weeping before menses.

All senses very acute. Sense of smell, touch and vision more acute and more dominating. Colours are stronger, hearing is sharper. Sensitive to music, especially happy music, cheerful songs. Curiosity. Clear headed. Mentally clear.

Pushing hair back from face desire to have it very short and bristly. Desire to touch the hair and beards of others especially if short and bristly

Desire to wear browns and yellows. Attracted to the colour blue.


Dizziness on rising Buzzing all over the head. Sensations that the head is distorted or elongated in some way. That something is loose in the head. Blurred, muzzy feeling in the head, as if hung over, as if looking through a cloud. Constriction around the head, like a pudding basin. Headache like a band. Hair is dry and lifeless. Large flaky dandruff. Desire to cut hair so it is short and bristly. Coldness of the head in a spot that went through the head. Heat of head and of forehead. Head was heavy and kept falling back on pillow. Throbbing and heaviness of the back of the head. Heavy sensation in head and over the eyes. Migraine headache with vomiting. Fullness of the head. Frontal headache on waking > eating. Frontal headache inside forehead and temples. Headache above and into eyes. Pressing pains behind the eyes. Severe pressing pain causing nausea. Sharp and shooting pains. Throbbing pains < exertion. Sensation as if wind were blowing in the head, as if a headache was coming on. Head feels as if full of air. Headache like a rod pushing the head apart from the inside. Warmth and muddled feeling in the head from eating sweets and sugar.


Heaviness and dryness of the eyes. Eyes heavy so want to close them. Agglutination on waking. Feeling of clarity behind the eyes. Wide eyed, eyes feel wider and higher, eyelids pulled up. Tiredness < artificial light. Photophobia, especially aversion to artificial light. Stinging pains. Smarting at margin of lower lid with a desire to clench lids together. Heat inside the right eye. Eyes painful and swollen, sensitive to pressure. Dilated pupils during headache. Vision acute, small details seem sharper. Vision clearer and peripheral vision improved. Vision dull in the evening but sharp in the daytime. Seeing agitated speckles, darks specks like tiny black threads. Unable to focus short distances, looking too far (during headache).


Buzzing and popping in the ears with a sense of fullness and fuzziness. Blocked sensation with dullness of hearing > after popping. Heat, burning and redness of ears. Tingling < loud music. Pulsation on going to sleep. Hearing more acute, especially for deeper tones.


Nose cold to the touch and wet inside. Nose blocked. Nose stuffy and running. Yellow or green discharge. Clear coryza with sensation of a straw stuck up the back of the nose. Nose running in the cold. Clear white, bubbly discharge. Clear discharge with itching. Sneezing. Peppery sensation > sneezing. Epistaxis. Nose feels smaller, or nose feels longer. Sense of smell acute, to flowers and fruit.


Dry, burnt and chapped. Tingling. Dry lips. Herpetic eruptions on lips. Rash around mouth. Face hot and flushed. Numbness of jaw and around mouth. Ache in jaw extending to ear. Skin tight and tingling. Twitching


Ache in gums around roots of teeth.


Hollow feeling in mouth. Tenderness. Dryness of mouth. Tongue coated and discoloured, white-yellow or yellow-brown. Increased salivation. Unpleasant taste in mouth with thirst. Acid taste in mouth. Taste of nicotine. Drinks tasteless.


Dry, painful throat, on waking. Burning pain. Throat sensitive, raw and painful > moving > swallowing. Throat dark red. Pulsation < lying on left side. Desire to clear throat from plug of mucus. Difficulty swallowing. Aversion to swallowing, but hungry. Peppery feeling. Tickling leading to coughing and gagging. Glands tender, swollen and sore.


Appetite increased especially in the morning or at twilight. Aversion to food and to drinks. Eating small amounts. Lack of thirst and appetite. Aversion to sweets and aggravation from them. Desire for ices and cold food. Desire citrus fruit and refreshing things. Desire for sour foods and drinks. Craving blood oranges. Desire for red food (Dreaming potency). Desire to eat black beetles, slugs and grasshoppers. Desire raw and fresh food. Aversion to fat and greasy food. Desire to eat long thin foods like spaghetti. Desire sugar and sweet foods. Desire for chocolates. Thirst with nasty taste in mouth. Thirst < afternoon and evening. Thirst > small drinks. Desires warm drinks which <.


Stomach feels full. Nausea. Nausea with bad taste in mouth. Loud, satisfying eructations. Eructations with acid taste in mouth. Eructations in the evening. Dull pain in solar plexus coming in waves, forcing him to bend forward, accompanied by eructations. Heartburn, < afternoon and evening. Heartburn from warm drinks but not warm food. Pain behind sternum, after eating and with eructations. Burning pain behind sternum. Heartburn from smoking tobacco. Weakness in stomach with wooziness in head.


Bloating < evening. Rumbling, flatulence and eructations. Pain from distension, upper abdomen, right side. Pain in region of liver. Cramping pain during menses. Ache in lower pelvic region when sitting. Flatus, offensive or sour < evening.

Stool and Anus

Watery diarrhoea. Explosive diarrhoea, with flatus. No stool or desire for stool but without discomfort. Watery stools. Stools loose. Stool soft and less dry. Stool soft but difficult. Stool soft but difficult to pass followed by explosive, loose and acidic stool. Acidic stool burns anus. Rectum sore. Stool feels unsatisfying, small and hard but normal in size and consistency. Stool red/brown and in small pieces. Stool offensive.

Urinary Organs

Urine brown.

Male Sexual Organs

Female Sexual Organs

Menses heavy. Menses heavier and longer. Menses five days instead of two. Menses browner and staler. Menses lighter to start with then heavier. Fishy odour during coition. Pain during intercourse. No desire for sex. Sexual desire increased, men seem more attractive. Heightened sexual feelings in the evenings.

Respiratory Organs

Cough hurts both head and chest. Gagging cough makes the eyes water. Loss of voice during cold. Voice unstable, breaking like a young boy's, moving from high to low with no control over it. Dry cough. Spasmodic or paroxysmal cough. Retching and gagging from cough. Cough painful, < movement. Cough < lying. Spasmodic cough on going to bed. Waking from coughing. Cough from deep in lungs. Clear mucus expectoration. Expectoration thick and green. Tightness on inspiration. Feeling of cold and damp in the lungs. Deep ache in chest, like pneumonia. Stitching pain base of right lung.


Heaviness and aching in chest. Feeling of a powerful explosion inside chest, taking breath away, as if diaphragm went into a spasm. Pain in chest with belching. Tenderness around sternum and ribs. Pain in ribs worse pressure and turning. Sharp stabbing pains in ribs with shortness of breath < right side. Tingling in chest, running from spine. Stitching pains in breasts when lying on stomach. Sensation as if fine threads were being drawn through breast, sensation pulses with heart beat and follows the curve of the breast. Pain in breast before menses. Breasts feel fuller. Desire to rub breasts.


Tightness in back of heart, as if heart pushing against back in spot between back of heart and spine. Feeling as if heart were beating more towards the back and sides, as if it went round to the back. Feeling as if heart bulging through ribs when lying on left side. Heartbeat faster. Sensation as if heart stops beating at night, calmness.

Neck and Back

Prickly feeling on back of neck. Cold tingling feeling up spine. Shivers up spine with chill in the evening. Itching near spine and scapulae. Back feels wider and stronger. The muscles around cervical vertebrae feel as if they are tightly laced with sensation as if back of the head is horribly elongated. Back pains throughout the day. Back of neck stiff and tense. Tension in shoulders extending to neck. Waking 2-3 a.m. from stiff back and painful neck. Spine and back feel uncomfortable, with a deep restlessness, uneasiness and irritability. Aching in dorsal spine, extending to chest with a feeling of tightness. Stabbing pain in right lumbar region. Stabbing pain between spine and left shoulder, < inspiration. Spine sensitive to touch.

Limbs in general

Clumsiness. Dropping and bumping into things. Clumsiness before menses. Uncoordinated limbs heavy and unresponsive. Aching in joints and in muscles. Wandering pains in hands and feet. Itching eruptions.

Upper Limbs

Hands uncoordinated and less able to do fine work. Weakness of arms, difficulty carrying things. Bony node on right wrist. Sore tip of little finger, with peeling skin. Bruised pain disproportionate to injury.

Lower Limbs

Sharp pains in buttocks and legs. Aches in joints of the feet. Grinding pain in left leg. Tightness in right thigh muscle. Legs heavy and difficult to move. Restless legs. Feet very cold, bones aching from cold.


Aggravation in the evening. Nocturnal behaviour. Alternating states of energy and inertia. Alternating days. Left sided symptoms. Symptoms move from right to left side. Symptoms appear suddenly. Sensitive to cold but better outdoors. Better for motion and walking outdoors. Sensitive to cold. Unable to warm up even close to the fire. Very cold but < heat. Trembling with cold. Cold damp weather <; warm dry weather >. Body aching and heavy. Weakness, weariness and heaviness. Movements slow. Feels washed out. Desire to curl up and be covered. Warm flush in the evening. Hot and flushed from exercise. Stabbing pains. Burning pains. Tingling as if the cells of my body were shifting. Increased blood pressure.


Skin dry and leathery. Skin dry and itching. Itching, scratching until it bleeds. Small dry pimples. Skin numb, less sensitive to touch. Skin sensitive to the touch of clothes.


Deep sleep. Awareness before waking. Sleeping on back. Waking on back with pain and stiffness. Sudden extreme tiredness. Falling asleep quickly and waking alert. Wide awake on going to bed. Sleeplessness, uncomfortable, bed feels too hard. Restless sleep, waking often. Waking hot and sweaty. Waking at 5 a.m. Waking very tired. Yawning.


Dream of being misinformed. Babies, deformed and premature. Dream of pain in right ovary. Menacing dreams. Dream of worms dark and fat but I wished they were red and thin. Selling vegetable, could not balance weights. Dream of being in a cold concrete bunker. Dreams of flying. Dreams of searching for someone. Fearful dreams. Dreams feel like someone else's. Dreams fragmented and confused. Unremembered. Dream seemed to piece everything together, but when I try to remember it I can't quite grasp it.


Fever and chills. Alternation between fever and chill. Chills and fever all night. Hot and feverish at night. Trembling and shaking with cold. Chilled easily. Face hot, body chilled. Flu like symptoms, a tendency to take colds. Increased perspiration. Waking with perspiration. Amelioration after breaking sweat.


Sherr, Jeremy. The Homœopathic Proving of Chocolate. Dynamis School of Advanced Homœopathic Studies Malvern, 1990